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I've set up much IKEA furniture in the past, usually with much swearing, sweating, and crying, but setting up my IKEA BILLSTA bar table made me come to the pragmatic realization that IKEA engineers are in fact evil. The straw that broke this camel's back was the part where you need to balance a metal table leg with loose bolts, aiming them at a screw-hole in another rather heavy metal connector piece with a loose bolt holder, made to come together by the magic of the all-mighty Allen key.

If that doesn't make sense to you, you can trust me that this is the most ridiculous task a consumer can be expected to perform in assembling their own furniture, especially after picking it themselves at a store, scanning it out themselves, and delivering it themselves. If this product had a torture level, I'd give it a ball-clamp rating. This is corporate enslavement at its best, seeing as I did it anyway, and will probably go back to IKEA for more stuff.

I looked around at similar tables, and they cost the same, come assembled, and delivered.

The reason I went to IKEA for this table was I couldn't wait two weeks for delivery of an alternative table. Like my past purchases at IKEA, this was a convenience motive. This time, they have gone too far.

That's right, IKEA, I will be returning this table for store credit! Wait, ***, they got me again...

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Omg, you’re so right! I was literally crying with frustration today, they really are evil!