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On May 7th, 2009, I purchased the HEMNES black mirror from IKEA located in LEHI, UTAH, which was to be used leaning against my fireplace. Upon opening it, I noticed there was a huge black shoe print on the back of it. When I entertain company, who wants to see a huge black shoe print on the back of a decorative piece. The mirror would be moved everytime when I use the fireplace just like decorative candles on a dining room table.

I took it back to IKEA and was told by the store manager that "the shoe print is irrelevant because the mirror is meant to be hanging up against the wall -not leaning against a fireplace." She said that I was "using it wrong. The mirror should be hanging up." So, now IKEA is telling me -the consumer- how to decorate in MY OWN HOME!

Consequently, the IKEA store manager, refused to refund my AMEX card for the full amount of $49. She considered it "AS IS" merchandise because it was taken out of its original packaging. Once again, she said that the mirror should be used as a hanging mirror, and therefore, she deducted 30% off the original price on the return.

This HEMNES mirror was returned in its orginal new unused condition within 2 days of the purchase date with a receipt. Even with a store receipt, IKEA will insist on taking all of your personal driver's license information.

"Taking it home and seeing if it works or fits in your home," which usually means removing the item(s) out of its packaging. The consumer is out-of-luck. If at anytime the original packaging is removed or missing from your item(s), then IKEA will not refund your money or will deduct 30% off its original price.

IKEA's "Easy Return Policy" is none other than misleading!

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IKEA is full of it... Folks need to file a lawsuit agains their ambiguous return policy.

I purchased a book shelf for a room. Got it home, put two small pieces together... #1 the instructions are not customer friendly and easy to follow, as they claim... #2 the color did not match to my taste the other furniture in the room.

I repacked the few things that were taken out of the box. Because the store would be closed by the time I get back there, I went the next day. Too my surprised and uproar, I was told that a instore credit would be given, because the the purchase is not in its original packaging... and that it was used...

I could not believe this rediculous ambiguous policy. I spent $180.00 on this bookshelf, and therefore wanted my money back on my card, not some instore credit. I don't shop at IKEA for that. If it was $20.00 or something, I wouldn't have mind the instore credit.

I then asked to speak to the manager. Some lady came over, and then some guy came over, who was claiming to be the manager on duty. Neither gave me a satisfactory answer. I then asked to speak to the store manager.

She was not in, but I was given her number. So I left a message, and followed up with another call the next day. She replied of being informed about the matter with the folks that I spoke to... She took their position.

I replied that this is unacceptable, and further action would be taken. She asked me was I threatening her. I replied of course, no, but further action would be taken. I called the corporate office and could not get through to a live person besides the operatior.

I left a message for someone to call me in 24 hours. The IKEA Receipt does not say anything about an instore credit. The term "original packaging" is ambiguous... and so is "not used".

There was no large posted sign that says anything about an instore credit...How can companies get away with this... What happened to customer service? In my belief, it pure greed, especially in difficult economic times. I plan to fight this to the top, and get what is justly due back to me.

This is my hard earned money... The merchandise is brand new. It can be resold.

IKEA Customers beware. Let's stick together and hold this company accountable for the unfair greedy practices.