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I recently purchased one of the Hemnes daybeds, spent a laborious 6 hours assembling it, only to lie down in it and wake up four hours later with a pounding headache, swollen throat, and congested lungs. Then I realized - what's that smell?

It was the bed.

It was (and is) emitting some kind of awful paint or glue smell that not only makes me sick every night but makes my entire room stink. Ikea's "return" policy ought to be renamed because they make it nearly impossible for you to actually return anything!

Now I'm out $450 and stuck with a toxic bed! Thanks, Ikea!

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I bought a memory foam mattress and a platform bed from IKEA when I entered grad school. I immediately noticed the horrible, chemically smell… and figured it would go away.

It didn't. It actually permeated my entire bedroom and even caused my CLEAN clothes in the closet to smell of the same strange plastic, chemical sickeningly sweet odor. I would go home for the weekend and my mother would actually tell me (unprompted) "You smell funny!"… "and so do your clothes". I'm an overly clean person (for these other idiots posting ignorant remarks), but had to deal with it while I was at school for 2 years.

It never went away. Ever. When I moved, I left the bed there… never to look back. And now… even though they've been in a storage unit for a whole year..

my boxed items STILL emit this smell when I periodically unpack things. Super scary stuff.


This is called off gassing and is not a new thing. Yes it is toxic chemicals that are used in the making of the product.

Air out the room as much as you can as long as you can and in time the smell will decrease. Maybe try vacuuming it more often I'm not sure it will help but it couldn't hurt.


You accepted the fact that you had to assemble it when you pulled it off the shelf and took it home.............Will you answer one question? If something has been wrapped for months at a time, how do you expect it to smell?

This is not rocket science! You get what you pay for, you only want to pay $200-400 for an item but expecting red carpet service, would you like Ikea to carry you up the stairs also?


well maybe if were not a bed *** it would not smell. Go to the washroom before you go to bed and don't drink an hour before your bedtime. or better yet were depends.


Thanks for that helpful tip! Can I offer one to you? PM me and I'll be happy to.


Probably you smell take a shower