Toronto, Ontario

Ordered a bed a month ago, and still sleeping on the floor. My last e-mail to IKEA is below, and I'm on hold waiting for a supervisor right now.

"I ordered my furniture almost a month ago now, and after quite a bit of trouble with Purolator I finally got it at the start of September. However, when I went to put my Dalselv bed together, I noticed that some of the holes that were to be drilled in the frame were missing. I immediately called Ikea (on September 4th), spoke to a representative, and was told that someone would contact me in three to five days. My phone does not have voicemail and so an e-mail was sent to me on the 10th with contact times -- which were wrong. When I called on Friday September 12 at seven pm, as the e-mail said I could, customer service was closed. I called again last Monday, the 15th, and was put on hold for twenty minutes before speaking to a representative. She told me that I'd have to wait another thirty minutes before talking to someone else, and I wasn't able to do that because I was on my way to class. I asked if someone would be able to call on the Tuesday, and she said that wouldn't be a problem - but I didn't get a call until yesterday (September 20th) at noon, when I was in class. I bought an Ikea bed frame (among other things) a month ago, and am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. This problem could be rectified easily by sending a tech with a power drill to my apartment, and that's what I expect to happen as soon as possible. If it's not possible, I'd like to return my bed frame and the slats that go with it - I will buy another bed frame from someone else. Please have a supervisor call or e-mail me."

I called back on my own, October 1st, two weeks later. After missing Ikea's call once and then sending an e-mail, in which they PROMISED they'd call and never did.


Monetary Loss: $140.

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