Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Do not by any IKEA beds I had my receipt in hand and the bed put back in

the box within 24 hours of buying it and it fell through to the bottom when I layed on it(I weighed 120lbs and am 5'7)and I injured my back. What junk!

I met all their demands and rules for returns and some punk at the return desk decided he just didn't feel like returning this item. I had another $400.00 dollars worth of merchandise that I walked out and left there. I will never shop there again and the maze they call a store when I tried to by a bedroom vanity. First they sent myself and my husband up to bathrooms and I tried to explain, this was for a bedroom after 45 minutes of up and down and back and forth they had them not only in the wrong section but also the wrong price.

I called the store manager in Bolingbrook and she sucked big time . There's nothing I can do. I have worked in retail my whole life and I know that there is something you can do. If you treat people well you will do well.

The women at the return desk were appalled at this crapheads behaviour. You Suck Ikea and my back was injured because of you and your *** bed next stop is my lawyer! Don't ever hand me that *** there's nothing I can do.

Your the store manager Don't insult my intelligence and don't LIE *** You were quite capable of righting a wrong. Line up the the lawsuits against these creeps.

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5'7" and 120 pounds? The real problem here is that you're under weight.

Go find someone who's eaten in the last week and ask them to tighten the bolts on this bed for you.

Did you get dizzy lifting the instructions? That's your body saying "FEED ME!"