A month ago I purchased a desk from Ikea however the desk top for the extension section was not in stock. I have made 3 trips (which from where I live is a 3-4 hour trip and includes toll roads) because Ikea's online stock check tells me there are plenty of the pieces in stock.

3 times I have got there to find there is no stock. Yesterday I phoned and, after demanding some action, was promised that someone would do a physical check at the Richmond store today and would phone me back. Clearly Ikea don't give a *** about their customers because they didn't even have the courtesy to call me today. Instead I had to ring their central number and be on hold for 10 minutes before they bother to answer the call.

When I finally did get through to a real person they couldn't give a ***. I asked why no one had called me. I asked why their system keeps updating the stock and saying its available when it isn't. I asked when the stock would arrive.

I ask how they are going to handle my complaint. The answer to all these questions..."I don't know". Seriously Ikea...are you kidding? Your online stock system is hopeless.

Your phone staff are useless and yet nobody cares!!! Pathetic business practices!!! Do something about your online stock system or employ some real people who your customers can actually speak to to check real stock. Making contact with your stores is impossible.

There is no one to complain to either on the phone or on your website. Clearly Ikea don't give a *** what their customers think because otherwise they would do something.

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