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I bought a bed from Ikea four months ago, and I still don't have any furniture as a part of that transaction. I agreed with the delivery driver, for the original delivery to be rescheduled, as they only had broken goods in stock.

They brought the mattress, forgetting the rest of the bed, on a rescheduled date. I arranged for someone else to accept it, as I was on holiday. The delivery drivers claimed they couldn't get it upstairs, even though I had paid them 100 euros to do so. They suggested to leave it in the hallway on the second floor, for me to collect upon my return.

I reluctantly agreed to this. But they then decided to leave it on the ground floor, blocking the door that exited onto the street, so it wouldn't actually close. Not surprisingly, the mattress was stolen. I have rung Ikea over 30 times, to discuss the stolen mattress and to try and get the remainder of my order delivered.

Unfortunately, they don't keep any record of the matter, and I have to explain it each time. They promise to call back, but never do. I have now been without a bed for 4 months, and they don't care. I have endured a great deal of stress over this matter.

The customer service agents try to tell me that they don't have any managers to complain to. How can they get away with treating their customers so poorly.

Who is accountable for the service provided to the customers??

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

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