My husband and I live 10 miles an Ikea store.Came across a bookcase/tv stand in the scratch and dent fully assembled we were in our car but we have a truck and live close so i was going to stay at ikea w/ the stuff hubby going to go get the truck. It was close to closing, ikea suggest we rent a van for only 25 bucks.

we tought only 25 bucks - ok - since we saved on the scatch and dent - they ended up billing us 25.00 plus insurance, then we noticed on out credit card a charge of 35.00. i called them, and they said it was gas money. total came to 80.00 and when i called they said they only over charged us by 11.00.

none of these other charges were even mentioned when we rented this van, so we did not save any money , it actually costed more.

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