Purchased what we thought was a brand new leather sofa. Ikea delivered the sofa at around 7 pm...Delivery guys left and then discovered upon opening the boxes that the sofa pieces were not wrapped inside.

Hence the leather was rubbing inside against the cardboard, leaving some nicks in the corners.

Called Ikea immediately, who said simply return the sofa to the store. With no truck I said it was not possible, I wanted them picked up. Ikea replied, after starting the claim process, that this would take a minumum of 7-10 days!

So I either find a way to take them back my self--rent a truck--more expense--or go to war with Ikea and get them to pick them up in a timely fashion. Looks like im going to war!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Sofa.

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The only problems I've ever had with IKEA was backlog items and we live 135 miles away. Broken items were shipped to us and only issues we had we created ourselves. :grin :p


I do not understand why you would "go to war" with Ikea? They are a cheap supplier of cheap furniture.

Want to know one way they keep their costs down? By not having a truck ready to pick up every defective piece of furniture a customer complains about. Yes, I agree, customers come first, like the customer who is awaiting their furniture in a timely manner to arrive that would otherwise be late if the truck would have to go pick up your couch. Have patience.

You should have inspected the couch when it arrived. I recently had furniture delivered and know that the driver will not leave without you signing off on the paperwork.

I am sorry but this is your own fault, starting with opting for Ikea. You get what you pay for.

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