Nokesville, Virginia

I needed a desk for a newly installed computer workstation and asked my teenage son to accompany me to the store. He found a Galant white desk on sale that he liked so I asked the Ikea employee working that area what items I needed to purchase.

He gave me a runaround and finally said to go downstairs. Being adept at Ikea's self-service area we headed downstairs but could not find the desk top or legs.

So we went to the self-service help desk where we met Katrina. She drilled down into her computer and then called the man in the desk department. Upon hanging up the phone she remarked "he was no help". She said she was sorry but we'd have to go back upstairs to obtain each items numbers -- she showed me what numbers to look for and handed me some paper and a pencil.

Upstairs we went but I could not find the item numbers on the one tag on the desk so we waited for the Ikea guy to show up. We waited 15 minutes -- then another 5 before he appeared. I explained what I needed and he, once again, told me to go downstairs.

Back to the help desk and a long line. Finally we got to Katrina and she did some more work on the computer and had me look over the item list. She printed out the order and I told her the prices were too high. She said that some markdowns are taken at the check-out and not to worry.

We headed to the check-out lines. Ikea employee FRAN waved to us from the self check-out terminal and we headed over. Before arriving she yelled "you have a booking" which confused me. I handed her the paper and she shoved it back into my hands.

"Read me the number" she demanded. I had no idea what she wanted and was trying to put on my reading glasses while she kept telling me to read her the number. We finally got the number into the terminal and it produced a total $15 more than what it should have been.

I told her the price was incorrect and she told me it was not. I said the desk is on sale and she acted like I was lying to her. She then told me I'd have to take the papers upstairs. I told her I was not going to do that and she says "don't get upset with me". She was in effect blaming me to the screw-up. Her attitude was deplorable. I just kept my composure and waited for Fran to start thinking clearly -- an obvious flawed assumption on my part.

She demanded to know where I got the paperwork and I told her from Katrina at the help desk. She gets on her cell phone and tells Katrina to come over. After a brief chat she send s Katrina upstairs. Fran then walks away.

The store was now closing. My son and I stood around for at least 20 minutes not knowing what was going on.

Finally Fran comes back and orders me to the terminal -- a woman two lanes over yells that I have to pay cash. I tell her I am not paying cash.

Fran says the screwup was because there is a new and old style white top. I am thinking it's not the desktops fault -- it's an Ikea employee screwup. Once again she just walks away from us.

I pay for the desk and head to furniture pick-up.

Fran never apologized for the screw-up, delay, or her attitude.

It's now past 10 pm and in the elevator going down the parking garage, my son looks at me and says "that sure was a lot of abuse just to buy a cheap desk".

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You should have asked for a manager and they would have just marked it down on the register for you since it was closing time. I'm sorry you had to deal with dumb workers.

I too work at IKEA and I agree, some people that work there, should not be in retail! Even though IKEA is an at will employement, it takes a customer complaint and a couple hundred write up's for someone to get fired (not cool).

So I would say go complain to the manager (especially since you know the names of workers) and if you see them there again, put in another complaint. Sorry you got such *** service.


Sucks you didn't have me as your helper. I worked at a TX location for one year and treated the customers very well. At times though customers could be very rude and snippy so of course I wasn't always 100% nice helping them. It really just depends on your sales technique and how much you like to help people.

I'm sorry some *** found it helpful to be rude as *** to you and then having to deal with the same downstairs.

I agree, Some people should not work in customer service period.

The one fact remains though, Ikea pays their workers low wages when they make a million in one week. If they paid better the staff might improve on their customer service abilities.

I honestly think I made close to half a million in sales myself, maybe even more, and they paid my less then $9 and hour.

I tell people shop there, just never work there.


Wow, that really sucks. I am sorry that happened to you. Some people are just NOT MEANT to work in customer service.