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have you ever dealt with a customer service rep who was a broken record? that's the case here. don't care just repeated and repeated their return policy.

it was a *** $25 lamp. i only had the MC receipt and i wanted a replacement because it broke (wiring problem)

no effort to go beyond repeating the policy over and over. the manager same thing. when i asked if they don't back up their products more than 90 days, she said that's right.

gimmicky layout, cute displays and decent prices but even Walmart, Target, etc back up their products if they malfunction.

no change in affect. my husband wanted a new one. against my judgement. i walked through the entire market place. two sales people in mattresses talking and just pointed ahead when i tried to find help with lighting. no one in lighting. one sales lady in the next department who said she couldn't help and didn't know where i could get help. i had to continue walking to the exit where i found a salesman who tried to fix the lamp because he acknoledged that the wire was defective inside the lamp. he couldn't return or exchange it for me.

get the new one home and they changed the style and look so now my husband doesn't want it. i bet they won't return it even with a receipt.

horrible customer service.

one big gimmick.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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