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I am very familiar buying at Ikea for I was around when their first store opened in the Northeast in Elizabeth, NJ. At that time, all their furniture was made in Sweden and everything was in measured in metric.

That was about 20 years ago too! I have been purchasing from them that long too. I will admit their items were of much much better quality then than now. Based on my current experiences with Ikea, Ikea is best now for buying home accessories/wares NOT furniture/kitchens for the long run.

Ikea is great to "get ideas" for rooms then buying the furniture somewhere else. I have noticed that their "furniture" has dropped their quality significantly to even lower levels since they are having everything "made in China" as opposed to Sweden to keep their prices low. Also I noticed the hardware(their propriety screws, etc) are of cheap brittle or soft metals to build the furniture as opposed to the steel used before. In addition, their notorious "particle board" is of even cheaper quality!

My motto with Ikea now is "if it doesn't fit in the trunk of you car - don't buy it!" Also if you buy furniture from them now have an electric screwdriver, various size screw drivers and an electric drill for I have found too many items either have holes missing or the holes are too small for the hardware. Also WOOD GLUE for all the major parts and corners. Ikea is not what it used to be and with the furniture business being so competitive you can find nice furniture delivered to you home - correctly -somewhere else.

OK folks, this my 2 cents!

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Hi! I also remember the good old days at ikea.

I have a black Poang leather chair purchased in 1989(Montreal, Canada). Made in sweden I remember. Still in one piece! Too bad lot of the ikea stuff is poor quality.

You can still find "good" quality at ikea but you really need to check it closely, feel it...etc before buying it.

The other day I purchased a MALM dresser. When I went to pick it up, some boxes are made in canada and others made in sweden! I have the malm collection and all made in canada but decided to take the Swedish box.

All good! but yes, the good old days of Ikea are gone...