20700 S Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746, USA
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I have never been disabled but now I have had multiple Strokes resulting in complication with walking I love to shop Ikea I love the experience of being in the store being able to touch and see the product I don't want to only shop online it's so impersonal what is Ikea thinking of they are just as big as store as Walmart or Target that can supply electric carts get with the times this is almost 2019 disabled people need to be treated as a part of society that can function and spend our money which is just as green as everybody

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as it seems they dismiss even the physically challenged


As disappointing as it is IKEA doesn’t offer motorized shopping carts due to safety. The stores are often too crowded to safely maneuver around guests and displays.

If something were to happen IKEA could/would be held liable as they provided the cart. They do however offer wheelchairs to use and customers are welcome to bring their own motorized cart.