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I have just returned from a visit to the Ikea in Montreal on Cavendish and feel compelled to write this complaint.For me to actually immediately come home to write you this , is an understatement of my frustration. I am in fact outraged.

Over the past several years I have spent several thousand dollars at Ikea ( would be willing to share account information to demonstrate this ) I own several buildings as a landlord and enjoy using Ikea products for furnishings. However, after today my wife and I are considering no longer ever shopping at any Ikea.

Over the past few months I have been renovating a property and was not able to put up the Numerar countertop 73 X 25 which I purchased in Dec 2007. Upon opening it today and seeing how it looks- size, we realized that is was far too large for what was required. The item was in perfect condition however the outer brown box ( packaging ) had some white paint on it. When we attempted to exchange this along with the Utby pedestals for a smaller version, we were only allowed to exchange the pedestals. We complained and asked for the manager Tanya. She informed us that the pedestals could be taken as they were still well packaged yet the countertop could not because it was no longer sellable. Upon hearing this I was OUTRAGED and admit using the curse words in referring to the need for a nice box. I was informed that for one, I was beyond the 90 days and 2 that because of the paint on the box , could not EXCHANGE ( never asked for a refund ) . I repeatedly told Tanya to look at the pristine condition of the countertop, but all she cared about was the box. This policy is most flawed as even other Ikea members that I spoke to acknowledged that if returned within 90 days without a box but in good condition an exchange is almost always accepted. In our case the pedestals were exchanged because the box was nice but not the countertop. I am extremely furstated that I have a countertop in mint condition yet is too large for my wife and I, and all because of paint on a box. Based on your response, we shall decide if we are too ever shop at Ikea again. I explained to Tanya how she was jeapordizing all of our future business over an exchange for $ 140.00 yet she did not care , said no exchange and simply walked away from us. Even though I did raise my voice, I truly believe that our treatment was not merited and that such rationale for exchange and treatment of a customer was unwarranted. The item is perfectly resellable and still an active product at Ikea.


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I have had the same experience. Spent $5500 on kitchen cabinets in March 2011.

Did not start installing until August 2011. Just finished only to find out that I can only return items without receipt for a lifetime! So I guess I'll not be returning anymore kitchen cabinets for a lifetime.

No more kitchen remodel from Ikea again. Very shortsighted!

I had a terrible experience once when I bought a shelving system at ikea and it came without certain parts necessary to make it stand up. I was told I couldn't bring it back, or get the parts from another box (most stores will usually do this and then mark-down or order the missing piece on their own time to make you happy) I ended up throwing it away.

Now I admit I must be a glutton for punishment. I bought a new bookcase which I love even though one of the screw-holes doesn't line up.

Unfortunately I also bought a Sniglar crib which now that I have opened it is rough and splintered wood-- unfit for my baby!!! I am sure I am SOL even with the receipt. The box has marker on it from my older daughter and is falling apart!
Warrington, England, United Kingdom #25545

Here's a little exercise.

Grab your IKEA reciept.

Turn it over.

Read the return policy.

It is your responsibility to be aware of it before you purchase.


Martigues, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, France #22512

I had same experiance, but it was with a light that I had opened. I had the receipt and it was about a week after I had bought the light.

The light was was not used it was only plugged in for 30 seconds and put back in the box and then attempted to be returned., The treatment I received was the worst I had ever seen at a large retail store. The customer service is terrible and the management couldn't care less.

I had spoken with several so called managers and received the complete run a round and finally after I drove back to the store three times I was sent away very unhappy to never ever in my life shop in Ikea again. I will tell everyone I know about the horrible treatment received from Ikea and I hope people listen to whet were saying that Ikea will *** over if you shop there.

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