I ordered 4 items to be shipped to my daughter in college, about 120 miles away from the store. When the truck arrived late, only 3 items were delivered... apparently the 4th, a coffee table, wasn't even on the truck. My 19 year old signed the manifest at the driver's instruction for the 3 items, and then called customer service. After 90 minutes on hold, she gave up.

I called the next day and got through within 30 minutes. The rep told me that if he entered a case regarding the missing item, it would take a "very long time" before the error would be resolved as they had a huge backlog. He said my best bet would be to go back to Ikea and just pick up the coffee table myself and then get it to my daughter. However, my daughter had the original invoice and delivery order, so I had to wait until she mailed it back to me (apparently knowing the invoice # and delivery # weren't good enough for Ikea; the rep said they wouldn't have a record with all the necessary information ----- seriously?!?)

So upon receiving the paperwork, I drove back to Ikea, picked the item up again from the warehouse (oh yeah, the aisle and bin #s in the showroom were incorrect so it was a bit of a hunt & peck) and then wheeled the stocked cart to checkout. The cashier gave me an "oh, ma'am, I can't help you; you need to go to the service counter" which I did. Fortunately it was a weekday afternoon and there was not a wait. I was asked for my case number. Sigh. I was explained what I was informed on the phone. The store rep told me the call center guy lied; there was no backlog of cases. The store rep then told me there was only a 10 day policy (it had been about 25 days). Sigh. The store rep then demanded why my daughter signed for the delivery if not all items were accounted for. I explained my daughter is only 19 years old, has never taken a furniture delivery before, and was probably just acting on the truck driver's instructions.

At this point the store rep went off to consult with a manager. I saw them pulling files out of filing cabinets (really? the records aren't all electronic? maybe that's why they needed my original paper invoice). Finally I got a credit voucher for the coffee table, went back to stand in line at the cashier.

Have already told 20 people to never shop at Ikea. I will tell anyone else who will listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

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