Salt Lake City, Utah

I purchased the under counter lighting labeled GRUNDTAL which comes with three puck lights and a transformer to power the lights. I had a transformer fail and catch fire.

The lights had been in service for less than six months. I am warning customers that this is a fire hazard. You do get what you pay for but this is dangerous. I installed the lights as recommended in the instructions.

I have not replaced all the lights and you should too. When I brought this up to the store I was told that the lights were not meant to be in service for long periods of time.

I challenge you to find anywhere that they say this in writing. When someones house catches fire, they can come here and see that someone else has complained and they did not listen.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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in my experience all "affordable" ikea products are disposible junk. If you already bought it, return it asap, or if they won't tefund your payment, call your cc company and dispute yhe charge. Send Ikea an honest message and tell everyone you know to not shop there for anything, except the sometimes odd food, which I like. If you like the meetballs, stay to watch tge people, esp the families with kids if you don't have/want them. it won't spare you the peer or "grandparent" pressure but it will likely help reinforce you decision not to breed- if not adopt a non-infant from the US and know that child Will almost certainly have a better life because of you. Of course they're genes won't match yours, but none of ours match our biological parents or siblings either. Don't buy anything ekectrical at Ikea. I've had the plastic socket melt in on floorlamp (with the correct bulb in the socket) which I discoveted when I moved the lamp- the bulb hadn't even burned out.

Other (desk) Ikea lamps take a "medium" screw (edison) bulb not an intermediate or candleabra size or GU10 (ugh!) bulb. Fin d a bulb. Now find an LED bulb or adapter that doesn't protrude for a standard US socket. Good luck.

I have to believe they must have better quality products somewhere. Unless it's sonething in the meatballs...