We purchased a "teflon?" coated grill pan at IKEA. After using it for a few months, when hand washed, then towel drying it, a dark black residue covered my hands any dish cloth.

I was horrified! What was this chemical in the metal and/or coating of this pan. It certainly could not be healthy. I returned it to IKEA, Portland, OR, and even though the name IKEA was blatantly etched into the bottom of the pan in large font, they would not let me return it without a receipt.

I asked to speak with a manager. No manager appeared after waiting approximately 10 minutes. The so called, "Customer Servivice Rep," like a robot, repeated over and over, no returns after 90 days without a receipt. No store credit is allowed.

We are talking about a $12 pan that leeches some type of horrific chemical, perhaps. But what do they care? They can't back up their products because they are made in "God knows what country," certainly not Sweden. I left the pan with her and said my concern is that the residue from this pan will make many people ill.

Please show your manager. She yawned. At least Sears and Walmart back up their products when their own store name is emblazoned upon it. To make matters worse, when I tried to contact IKEA after going there in person, I was on hold for over 20 minutes.

Let's all report this IKEA policy to Consumer Reports and blogs.

I know I will.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Miami, Florida, United States #690816

If you have used it for several months, it is probably just residue from all the foods, oils, etc that have cooked onto the surface.

Woodstock, Maryland, United States #688127

Who says you didn't buy it from Craigs list????? You think Ikea will give you free money when you can't prove you purchased it there?

How do you expect them to determine how much you paid for it without the receipt? It's common sense

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