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Joa’Quinn Welch & Shawn Killingsworth March 1, 2017 IKEA USA CUSTOMER SERVICE & EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT & STORE MANAGEMENT (EMERYVILLE, CA. & PORTLAND, OR.) IKEA America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 420 Alan Wood Rd.

Conshohocken, PA. 19428 DEAR IKEA USA: IKEA USA CUSTOMER SERVICE & EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT: THE IKEA USA GIFT CARD DEBACLE SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA FEBRUARY 2017 RE: GIFT CARD # HIDDEN PIN: HIDDEN - PURCHASED 7/23/16 IN-STORE IN EMERYVILLE, CA. Following is a detailed list of real events that I, a potential long term customer of the IKEA brand, experienced in navigating their Customer Solutions departments. This includes all relations with representatives throughout this on-going exercise in finding SOMEONE who will resolve this peculiar issue; positively, and, at once.

Here I provide the day-to-day details of all the calls I made to attempt to unravel the mystery of my IKEA USA gift card. The list is structured so that you may get an explicit view at the ‘experience’ I have endured; a time consuming, frustrating, disrespectful, some incompetence, and, lies. Two weeks trying to place an order, chasing verified funds on a gift card, waiting on return phone calls from people that weren’t even at work, or, speaking with people that – contrary to what was said and promised by them – would not be there the following day to assist. This has been a truly mind blowing experience which makes certain that I will not even open a catalogue, cruise by, or, even watch an IKEA commercial.

Unfortunately, the issue with the gift card and placing an order is still not resolved. In fact, I am more in the dark than ever as I have not heard ANYTHING from IKEA for over a week. I was told that I would be contacted before 5:00pm last Wednesday by the manager of the Portland, Oregon store. I have not been contacted by him or anyone in the San Francisco area (which is where I live), or, anyone of the several customer resolution representatives I spoke to.

I am livid! Hopefully, the matter of fact conversations will easily expose how I came to be so disgruntled. How the countless inconsistencies, and, the mind- blowing inability and unwillingness, of nearly every person I spoke to has created my current state of alienation and abandonment. I am now demanding quick and positive resolution.

My time and patience have been abused to a point hitherto unheard of. I still don’t have the items I need to complete the re-organization and Spring cleaning of my home; this will be our first full year at our newest residence. It is an absolute outrage at the way this situation has played out. It hits me every time I enter my home, or, go to the bathroom, or, put my clothes on top of a counter or shelf instead of where we had planned them to go within items from IKEA.

My partner was very excited to receive the gift card, study the catalogue, decide what of ours needed to go, then, measure the areas we were to fill, move the armoire into the basement, and, order the items he had carefully chosen. We started our discussion on February 14, 2017, just after dinner. • 2/14/17 – TUESDAY: my partner and I check the balance on our gift card. It was $500.00, we wrapped the card in the original receipt, as it was given to us last July.

• 2/16/17 – THURSDAY: prepared to place the order on-line, my partner fills our virtual basket with the items we choose, proceeds to check-out. For reasons partially due to website design, 9and, my partner’s excitement, my partner was confused. He clearly saw and filled in the fields for our personal information, and, was confused as he came to the only area he believed he could input the gift card information. It was a field that demanded to be filled with coupon or Family Card information.

This field had a 19-digit number. This is the number of digits on the gift card after scratching off the pin/pass code. As it turns out while this number fit into the field the entry for gift card redemption would be on the final checkout page – or, the next page. Knowing that the transaction was not yet complete, in fact, it could not be completed because when the 19 digit number had been put into the correct field to pay for the items in the virtual basket, we received a message contrary to what our receipt, and, the customer solutions representative had told us.

It said, “Card has no value.” We tried a couple of more times, and, since it was late, and, we were tired, we said we would try the next day. Upon examining the gift card we noticed that nowhere does it say gift card. There is information on the back that clearly makes it such a card, but, it was on the receipt that we were able to discern where to call to check the balance, and, to see that on the receipt, this card is known as a Family Card. We would find that checking the balance was a bit confusing.

On the card it says go to to check the balance -or, go into your nearest store (this is what it steers you to do). However, as it would turn out, this would not be easy. We would have to call the number on the receipt to get the balance on this gift card. Something we had already done.

• 2/17/17 – FRIDAY: after another failed attempt to order our goods we decided we would order over the phone after checking value of Gift Card and informing Customer Solutions of the situation. Card verified at a value of $500.00. However, given the fact that we had tried to order that very morning we were informed by the CS staff that since the order was not being processed, and, the transaction not completed, we would have to wait three (3) to four (4) hours before the card can be used. So, even, placing an order with one of the representatives was not possible as the value of the card was now in limbo.

So, we waited! • 2/18/17 – SATURDAY: VERY LATE IN THE EVENING – POSSIBLY SUNDAY EXTREMELY EARLY BEFORE SUNRISE – I TRY WITH THE SAME RESULT AS BEFORE! • 2/19/17 – SUNDAY: I attempted to get some live-chat help but she discerned that I would need to go another department to work out the gift card situation. I asked would I be calling CashStar or Ikea.

She directed me CashStar, o CashStar took all my information, heard the technical, turned financial, turned retail, now a customer service nightmare, only to discover the gift card we had was not processed by this third party entity apparently responsible for IKEA’s gift cards. This gift card was maintained by IKEA itself. I was a bit frustrated by this information. Because the CS representative from CashStar made me feel confident that the matter would be quickly resolved.

However, after reading the gift card numbers to him we were informed that this gift card was not something he could assist us with. His advice was to call IKEA’s support staff. o IKEA’s representative, Jasmine (Customer Resolutions), did some investigating, and, found some interesting tales of the status, and how that status came to be, of our gift card. Jasmine said that, the card was used for an in-store order on 2.14.17.

However, for some reason, that order was abandoned. The funds were charged back to the card. She went on to say that, on 2.16.17 our gift card was redeemed for an in-store purchase. This purchase took place in Portland, Oregon.

I laughed because, as I told Jasmine, I had never been to Portland, Oregon – and, neither had my partner – and that for 16 years we have resided in San Francisco. The second reason for laughter was the obvious inconsistency in dates and times of use. I had verified funds of $500.00 on our gift card two days after it was supposed to have been released. o After raising these two objections Jasmine said she was going to speak to the Portland, Oregon.

She also inquired as to why there was no case number for my issue. I said, that I didn’t know anything about a customer case number. If it would help resolve this issue then let’s have one. She agreed.

Then Jasmine put me on hold – for a very long time -and returned with this ‘offering’: Maddie is the store manager for the Portland, Oregon store and is checking the video of the transaction but will need to speak to the clerk who processed the transaction. This clerk will not be in until the next day (Monday) at 11:00am. After speaking with the clerk and collecting some more information Maddie would call me and resolve the issue. I was asked my phone number, I gave it as 4152145996.

I was also told by Jasmine that if, for some reason, I had not heard from Maddie by 3pm the following day (Monday) to call her back at 8772144472, and, to ask for Jasmine. She would be working at that time and it would be easy to connect with her. So, if I had not heard from Maddie by 3pm call Jasmine and she would reach out and demand some answers. • 2/22/17 – WEDNESDAY: Kyran called twice in the morning.

I missed the first and second calls. I called him back and he wanted to verify the gift card. I was not clear what it was exactly he needed. He, then, proceeded to request audience with the gift givers; a potentially awkward situation for all, but, mostly for IKEA and its management.

So, I sought clarity on what his needs were; besides, I was really shocked at his tone and level of impatience. I reminded him that I was still in possession of the gift card and the original sales receipt. He repeated what I said, and, began to ask questions that would validate my receipt, and, thereby, my card, and, its $500.00 value. Kyran said, that he needed to confer with other managers and that he would get back to me in a little while.

• 2/23/17 – THRUSDAY: still no call, no email, nothing! • 2/24/17 – FRIDAY: I call him on his extension and leave a message asking for him to call me back and, at least, update me, and, send me to another department….SOMETHING! • 2/28/17 – TUESDAY: I collect document and impart some comments and general cohesion. Research the executive management teams at IKEA USA and choose who to send this list to.

Send! What more can I say? Nothing, no one has told me anything since my last conversation with Kyran on 2/22/17. At the end of which, he said he would ‘confer with managers and get back to me by the end of the day.’ That was six days ago.

I have called his personal extension and left a message and have received no return phone calls, no email – nothing! This has been the most frustrating retail experience of my life because, after all of the time and energy invested into ‘placing an order’, I am left with nothing. It’s been two weeks!!! I am certain that there are managers of at least two IKEA stores, in two different states, as well as, a host of others throughout your customer resolution department, that are familiar with this situation.

I was told that I would be hearing from Kyran later that afternoon. He has not done what he said he was going to do. I need a positive resolution to this debacle right now! I need to know when I will be able to use the $500.00 that had been verified time and time again on the gift card – even after the card was said to have been used in-store it verified for $500.00- or, to know, and be certain that, I would be receiving $500.00 in cash to shop anywhere I choose?

With so much confusion, so much frustration, as well as, the loss of my TIME! I have been robbed of this most precious irreplaceable human commodity- TIME! Besides that, I am nowhere closer to a resolution than when I started. It seems that your employees are not very well versed on company policy, procedure, or, customer satisfaction and retention.

I am unbelievably disappointed in the outcome thus far. I will continue my quest for a positive resolution by forwarding this outline to all executive management throughout organization while, at the same time, forwarding copies of this outline to consumer agencies, relevant government bureau’s, and, various web-sites that review retail establishments. Someone must respond!

I will continue to do so until we have positively resolved this matter. I have invested far too much time into this to let it go Sincerely, Joa’Quinn Devell Welch

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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