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I get that when you go to Ikea, you get what you pay for. But, me and my son (a 17 year old) went to get a new bed for him, and seeing as the bed he has had since he was three was from there and has held out well, we hoped he would be able to get a sturdy, well made bed.

Sadly, that was not what we got. First, we went to the bedframe section, and talked to a worker there. She was incredably rude, not only in bringing up his wieght (he is 200+ pounds, yes I know he's overweight, do you always have to push it?) but also telling him that the bed he wanted would probably not support him, and that he should get the (more expensive) Hopen bed frame. After talking to her for 15 minutes, she told us to essentially to *** off and buy the Hopen if he wanted to get a bed that would be good for him.

Now, most people would just left right there, and now I know we should have to, but I was pissed, I wanted to get him a bed, and I was going to, so I continued on to the mattress section, and again talked to a worker there. To her credit, she WAS friendly and knowledgeable, and we were able to pick out a mattress which we liked, and still do. We talked about it, and ended up deciding to get the Hopen bedframe after all, because we both decided that there must be some truth to what the employee was saying. We go, order it all, and then go to the place all of this was stored.

We manage to get it all to checkout, and then get it delivered to us. When it got home, we set to work putting it together, which went somewhat smoothly, with the help of both me, my son, and my husband. The instructions are fairly straightforward, and my husband (a carpenter) could put it together in his sleep.

Now its been about three months, and the bed has broken. Just yesterday my son woke up and when he sat up the sidebourd broke literally in half. I call IKEA, and when I get in contact they pretty much say that they may be able to replaced the sidebourd, but it is dependant on whether another Hopen bed was returned open. When I ask about returning the bed, they scoff at me and rudely tell we that it is not possible. I'm pissed, and you can be sure that they have lost a valuable customer today, for good. If the person sleeping on an IKEA bed is not a stick, then it might just brake, and I suggest you stay far away from their products. I feel like a dumba** now, after defending my choice to buy a new bed from IKEA to my friends, most of which had the right idea, I wouldn't have minded the bad service if the bed they suggested had any sort of quality to it.

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Okay, I am an Ikea Employee in New York, and what you are describing sounds like an interaction I had with a mom and a teen in Jan.-Feb. 2011. I can't say that that was you, but if it was (it sounds like it), I don't think you are correctly representing what went on.

The mom and heavily overweight son came in and was looking around in the kids bed section (where I was working). They asked about a bed frame that was a children's frame (obviously marked as such), which I politely told you was a kid's frame, and that her son was probably too big for it. No, I didn't bring in her son's weight to the conversation, just the fact that he was older then the suggested age limit.

I did suggest that she look at the Hopen bed frame, and pointed her to it, as it is (from my experience, I actually have one at home!) a solid bed frame that a lot of customers like.

I'm sorry if it broke, things happon, but honestly this post seems like you are whining about nothing.

to Lisa (Ikea Employee) #759882

she is from washington, dc ms. know it all ikea employee.

so before u start calling her dumb, realize it's not even the same person.

just proved the pt. that ikea ppl are rude.

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