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I purchased a "RINGUM" 100% whool rug in Nov. 2007. In March this year the rubbery binder that holds the fiber and the carrier mat together began to cruble, and the rug started to dissintegrate.

I returned the rug to the Budaörs IKEA in Hungary where I purcsased it (and have spent over the years over 10000euros) but was told, that without the receipt they would not take it back. I also spoke to the manager, a guy named Terék Sándor, who gave me the same lip service with the extra information of repeating to me the current applicable legal paragraphs!?

I am sure I am not the ony one who purcsased dissintegrating IKEA rugs this past year.

Design and quality IKEA of Sweden.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I have a similar rug, though not of Ikea construction, and it too did the same thing. However I found this was tied to my use of the rug.

If you have gotten the rug wet at any period of time, such as cleaning it, and then have not gotten it fully dry, this will cause the rubber backing to rot. It sounds odd to phrase it this way, but basically the rubber begins to dry rot. Animal and human urine can also cause this, as can spills, and drinks.

If you ever get your rugs wet, you should dry them as completely as possible, and keep them from staying in contact with the floor during this time. You want the rubber exposed to the air, otherwise it will not dry properly.

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