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Employees in IKEA raise up in the barns. They throw tempers on customers with hostile and hatred.

Me and my mom were looking for help to get those heavy boxes from the shelf in the store of IKEA in Covina. Guess how the employee serve us? I have to say that their ability is just can press their fingers on the computer and chatting with other workers. Even a pig can do a better job than them.

That employee called "Franz" working in the section of storage area. He threw the products that we need to buy so hardly and with temper on our shopping cart. There're glass shelf underneath it, and he just didn't care. If you did not like to serve us, why you still work in IKEA?

Sell *** services to us and then want us to return because of damage inside? You're so ***, like garbage, man!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

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Youre not paying for customer service. The sales process is simple..."self serve". If you want someone to kiss your rear while you pick out furniture, then go spend four times as much at a traditional retailer.


On visiting Ikea, I've come to the conclusion finding or actually getting help is imposssible! If you do eventually find someone, you've got to wait behind ten others. Picking up a picture or something small is great,anything larger you're on your own.

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