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Their Faucets will not install like every other other North American sold faucet. You'll have to buy adapters from a specialty plumbing store (Home Depot/Rona like stores does not carry thread adapters) Also all Portable dishwashers will not work on these European threads.

Portable dishwashers use an adapter that screws onto the faucet after you remove the aerator. However you cannot buy an adapter that will fit onto their European standard threads so you will never get it work like every other faucet sold in North America. When I complained to IKEA they gave me the corporate line - "buy adapters" they don't include the adapters nor do they sell the adapters and they won't take it back as there is nothing wrong with the faucet.

They have no problem taking your money under a false assumption their products work in our country, but do nothing to help you after they have your money. Never again Ikea !!!

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I'm well aware of those adapters!! I installed a customers faucet and the adapter leaked 5 yrs after being put into service just my luck it was in a womans house whose profession was a mediator..the result was just shy of 120k in damages .even though these failure were known about by the insurance co they wanted to recoop thier loss. I wound up settling for being on the hook for 12k what a currupt system :sigh

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