When Ikea first opened a store in Tempe, my wife was so excited. We don't live close to the store, so we planned a special trip... Our first trip lasted nearly four hours, and I swore that I'd never go back, especially after I got home, opened the boxes, and discovered that there was hardware missing. After an extensive wait on the phone, I was able to talk to someone who promised to send the missing parts. Three weeks later an envelope showed up with the hardware.

Tonight I once again find myself in need of hardware for an Ikea product. I looked up the phone number listed for the Tempe store, called, and was given the run-around by a trained parrot who would only say that she couldn't help me, that I would need to come to the store and talk to the folks in charge of spare parts and such. When I asked to speak to them directly, she said that that wasn't possible. I asked why not and she said that she was actually in a call center somewhere not even close to Arizona, and that the actual store doesn't have a phone....

If I ever go back (my wife still loves the place), maybe before I leave I'll open up all of my boxes in the middle of the floor, do a hardware inventory, and make a general nuisance of myself. Then when management comes and asks me what I'm doing, I'll tell them that I'm taking preemptive action against their general indifference to proper customer service and the inconvenience that I'm sure to experience as soon as I walk out the door.

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If she ever comes back to this site and if she works in the one in Brooklyn, she probably lost her job and her kids anyway. *** she has probably been on Maury. "I slept with 300 men and still can't find my baby's daddy!" IKEA does offer an inspection table after checkouts to ensure everything is there.


Tasha probably works at IKEA in brooklyn. I'm gonna be *** and generalize based on her name. Perhaps she needs to flip burgers or take care of her 4 kids she had by the time she was 18.


Totally rude, Tasha, and unnecessary. Everyone has the right to their opinions, and actually, this man MAYBE used one comma incorrectly. And if I lived that far from the store I'd consider opening the boxes to check for all the parts as well. Ikea isn't paying to fill my car with gas if someone at the warehouse makes a mistake.

The only questionable thing in this post, in my opinion, is the why this man still lets his wife talk him into shopping at a store that he hates.

This isn't about putting others down, though, Tasha. Don't be ridiculous. You're the kind of person that I would probably tell to "behave" in public.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213193

Even an eight year old knows how to make separate sentences instead of posting a lot of commas. Also if you would come in and open the boxes you must be eight years old. You still need mommy to make sure you behave in the store.

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