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I had the misfortune of working for IKEA.

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IKEA management created a hostile work environment when I advised managers of my interest in a different IKEA department.

IKEA management at the Colorado Centennial store are high school dropouts without any idea of running a business. The after-sales management caused such a screw-up that the home delivery division had to be shut down for 4 days. Of course all of the management that caused this fiasco kept their jobs. The good ol boy system is alive and well at IKEA.

IKEA treats their employees like trash and pays them as such.

The customer service is horrible and I had the opportunity to see it first hand. Once IKEA gets the customer's money they don't give a *** about them. The after-sales team in IKEA Centennial lead by Yvette M. Rumph is the worst run department I have ever seen.

IKEA products have no quality that I can see. I put together all types of IKEA furniture and it was all ***.

I wish I had never applied for employment at IKEA and I know for sure I will never shop there.

Take a look at the website: IKEASUCKS.COM

Don't shop or work for IKEA, they are a poison to the American society.

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i worked at the national callcenter/corporate headquarters and I AGREE. while i love their furniture (it lacks quality because it's cheap. for the most part), my experience there was terrible.

i expressed interest in moving to another department and was given the runaround for almost a year. my manager, basanthi, was extremely passive aggressive and was always hostile during our meetings. it was worse because she tried to sugar coat everything so she just came off as rude.

the customer service there was a joke and i can't even begin to count the amount of times i would make suggestions to higher corporate management about it during meetings and would just get blown off. there were so many cheap and inexpensive ways they could have made their system better. there are even ways they could have made profit from them, but they didn't want to hear it.

and i agree about the pay. not even worth it.



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