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I bought a two seater sofa (EKTORP) from IKEA, Toronto, Canada. The sofa turned out to be broken. The frame was slightly tilted to one side. I went to the store and asked if they can pick the sofa from my apartment. I told them that I'll pay for the transportation. The associate at the store filled out a work order with all information including my credit card info and told me that the store would not charge me for transportation and that some one will call me next day to arrange the pick up and once they get the sofa the full amount would be transferred to my credit card the same or the next day. However, no body called me and after several days I called the store to ask if they will send any one to pick the sofa. The associate on the phone told me that some one will call me with 7 days. This did not seem too convincing to me so I went to the store in person where this time they told me that I have to pay for transportation. I told them I had already offered to pay, but the associate said that I don't need to pay. Any how I paid the transportaion fee of $70 plus tax. The sofa was picked after two days. Once the sofa was returned, I did not get the refund. I called the store and the associate told me that it takes 48 hours for the refund. After more than 48 hours, I still did not get the refund. I called the store again and this time they told me that I have to go to the store in person to arrange for the refund. I told the associate I that already had provided all the info including the credit card info , but the associate said he can not help me over the phone.So I went to the store and asked for the refund. The associate went somewhere back in the store and returned after 45 minutes. The associate told me that the driver who picked the sofa did not enter it into the system when he returned to store so thats why the refund got delayed. This time however he said that I'll get the refund in 48 hours. Finaly when I got my refund it was $543.76 whereas I had paid $599 plus tax for it. Again I called the store where the associate said he can not help but can transfer me to resolutoins department. I kept holding for more than 30 minutes and no body answered, I called several times and the associates kept transfering me to resolution department, but no one answers from there. This is IKEA and their customer servervice!!!!. I had to fill the same form 3 times in store for a simple refund. When ever mentioned that I had already filled the form, the associate asked me "where is it"?I don't know where to file a formal complaint against IKEA for my full refund.I will send a copy of this complaint to Better Business Bureau as well. I would like to advise others not to shop at IKEA.Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $599.

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I tried to call the toll free number in the catalog to order over the phone....when the phone rang and rang and nobody picked up....I saw it as a red flag and I didn't bother to try again. For me, this was the first sign of bad customer service....and after reading reviews of customers orders not being delivered or wrong items coming in the mail, I decided not to order. Thanks!


I have shopped at Ikea many times and never had any problems with their products. I always got what I expected.

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