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Please don't buy the Sundvik Crib from IKEA - SUNDVIK crib review

I LOVE(D) IKEA. But now I am having serious doubts. We purchased the Sundvik Crib last year, and our youngest had been using the crib for less than 11 months when I noticed a huge defect- the bottom was bowing in the middle, quite significantly.

You should not be able to see the bottom board that the mattress sits on, but there it is, drooping down about 1/2 to 3/4 inches past the bottom of the rail.

Why is it doing this? Because this board, that is supposed to hold the weight of the mattress and the baby, is only attached to the crib frame by four smallish bolts in each of the four corners!! What in the world kind of poor design is that?

I am really surprised by this, because we actually had IKEA cribs for our twins who were born in 2009, and those (Leksvik) were seriously solid and well-designed. There was full support for the crib mattress and no sagging. We used them as cribs for 2.5 years then as toddler beds for a further 1 year, with NO PROBLEMS. So why did they change the design? Cutting Costs? Ugh!!

So as I write this blog, we are planning on taking the crib to Ikea tonight. There has been some delay to doing this because we already put the baby in another crib (actually, one of the aforementioned Leksvik cribs that his sisters had). I had contacted Ikea customer service when I first noticed this problem several weeks ago but there was some back and forth regarding the receipt/proof of purchase. So we are going up there tonight and we will see what they say. Honestly, I don't care that we bought it a year ago, I want my money back. This is obviously a defective product!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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I lived in Europe and used IKEA for many years, never a problem and their products lived with me for years.All (or most) of their products for Europe are manufactured in Europe. IKEA USA has products manufactured mostly in China and out of three recent orders two of them were wrong (packages were incomplete or wrong ones delivered). Self explanatory really.


Had same issue. Pushed it up and put a drywall screw through each side.

Problem solved. 90 second fix. 2 screws = $.01.

Going back to the store = gas + time. Use your brain.


However what else did they cheap out on? Use your brain.


Makes me woder how much time and money your children are or will be "worth"


Rigging a crib????? USE YOUR BRAIN!


Good luck getting your money back! No receipt, no refund!!! :cry


Gee whiz, I guess it was too much trouble for you to put a piece of plywood over the bowed bottom. Instead lets run out to Ikea, spend money for gas and get upset about the product.

Big deal!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin




Another genius. ....let's rig a bloddy crib!


People like you make me feel so sorry for the next generation. At least they can carry on the family legacy of hopelessness