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My husband and I purchased our first home six months ago.We found it only fitting to purchase new furniture for it as well.

We bought two malm bes (one for us and one for my son), malm dresser, bjursta table, borje dining chairs, lack side tables, and klippan leather loveseat. Unfortunately, a new Ikea store opened up in our area. I fell in love with the furniture. It was nice at first.

However, now six months later it is all falling apart!!!! My bed falls through the slats almost every night, the wood from the malm bedframes and has big hunks out of it. My malm dresser is falling apart and I can't hardly put clothes in it, by bjursta dining table is warped and I even use a table protector! My dining chairs are even breaking.

Our new house is nice, but we can't put our clothes away and we can't have dinner at our table!! The only thing that is holding up is our Ikea/Whirlpool appliances. Well, and our poang chairs so far. SO just a forewarning, DO NOT SHOP IKEA....that is unless you want to have to buy the same things over again in a few months!!

I only wish that I would have found this website before purchasing the furniture because they won't do anything about it at all!!!!!So much for a guarantee....now I'm out thousands of dollars and need new furniture AGAIN!!!

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Someone gave me an Ikea Futon once and I threw it out the same day.I'm a 5' 10" male that weighs 180 lbs.

Not overweight at all... but as soon as I sat on the futon, I could hear a slat cracking...

and the slat was shot.I wonder who they design their furniture for, anorexic people?

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1193992

This is sooooo true.But let's look at the owner of the Ikea company himself.

Plenty of times has he states he is a tightwad. Of course, he maybe one who hoards money sure, but he is also a tightwad when it comes to quality and his companies junk shows it. My roomates took an Ikea couch and replaced the good one in the livingroom. I told them when we move I will buy it from them, load it up with bullet holes and then light it on fire.

Like all other JUNK from this store, no donation centers or charities will accept it because it is ***.

Look into your local charity and you will find they refuse any items from Ikea because of the bad quality and the fact it falls apart.But then again, when your company is owned by a cheap skate Swede, what do you expect?


IKEA has changed its name to DSDS, disposable *** department store


IKEA is pressed board junk.Easy to use fasteners are not designed to be forever.

If u want to get more than 6 months out of it, glue it together and use screws and their fasteners. How can you expect to get quality for pennies, its not reasonable. An Ethan Allen solid cherry night table is $1800, the IKEA equivalent is $39. How can this compare.

My EA furniture is 3 generations old, and working fine, I get tired of my EA stuff before its even close to worn out, and then give it away and buy something new.Yes, I have money and I realize that lots of people dont, but dont complain about junk when you buy junk, if you chase price you get what you pay for.

Burlington, Ontario, Canada #950490

The Melltorp table bases are impossible to screw together as they're made of a metal and if they haven't pre-drilled the legs probably, they get cross-threaded.

I now have a Melltorp table with three legs and my only option is to either take the whole thing apart and return it for another one that still might now screw together, or do a one-leg ***.

Kearny, New Jersey, United States #912439

I've had the same malm dresser for over 5 years now, maybe as long as 7.Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

It's as good as the day my father and I brought it home and assembled it. We've also had an Ikea table and chair set for 6 months and those are holding up fine.

I know with that set the instructions mentioned re-tightening the screws after 2 weeks which we did.Perhaps if you don't follow up with that step they'll become wobbly.


I have the Malm bedroom furniture series for over a year and love it.Purchased other Ikea furniture and am quite happy with it.

You should have contacted their service department as soon as you started having issues with it.

Their customer service thus far is great.Planning on redoing our kitchen and using Ikea.

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #897167

IKEA is a low grade junk shop.

Brecksville, Ohio, United States #655867

Ikea products are heavy on style and lower on substance.I haven't bought any big furniture, but have bought rugs, dinnerware and linens which held up well, I bought my daughter a pullout loveseat that she adored and brought with her to college.

It worked out well.

I put Ikea quality alongside Target--they look stylish but certainly aren't heirloom quality.Considering the price, though, I would buy smaller items from them again.

Seattle, Washington, United States #571665

I purchased an Ikea Malm bed frame in 2007, five year and five moves later it is holding up just great.I have gone through alot of crappy furnitue, but my Ikea Ektorp and Malm furniture has held up great.

I do take really good care of my stuff, but I have no complaints when you pay a certain price...

this is not lifetime furnature and needs to be treated as such.

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