I recently visited IKEA and have purchased 4 items worth of $800, that includes an HEMNES bed frame. This was my first time shopping at IKEA and I was told by the employee working there that I should note down the Aisle and Bin number and go to the warehouse and get it billed myself.

He never mentioned about the article number and I bought my Frame. When the products got delivered, I was surprised to see a totally different bed frame than I ordered(it was white in color and I wanted a black & brown). I called the customer service and she was straight away rude. I explained her that I picked the correct Aisle and bin mentioned in the show room, she also confirmed that the bin I looked at has the same item I wanted and someone there misplaced the wrong item I got.

But she refused to do any help said its my problem now. No delivery help will be provided. (Infact, the item I picked up had another frame on top of it that said, this item is defected, no return or refund on this item, with a 15% off tag on it). Thinking that's my fate I stated assembling, only surprised to note down, that this product did not come with an side board, I called them again and they said I have to order it separately.

Now that I am left with no option but to buy a separate side board for $80 and a delivery fee of $60, just for the side board. I am an international student and I am just wondering on where to adjust on the extra $140 that I need to pay for IKEA to not sleep on the floor. There was no proper guidance in the shop and I ended up picking up wrong stuff that I did not want. To sum it up, IKEA is a total RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I swear I would never shop from IKEA again. I already started the process of recommending friends and new students from my university on not to shop with IKEA. I will make sure that I will post this message on all my university FB groups and internal mailing list. IKEA can take its time to contact me at gmjpkarthik@gmail.com or (607) 761-7473.

Thanks a lot. I respect your PROFESSIONALISM.

Review about: Ikea Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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