Went to Ikea on Saturday and bought two white Billy Bookcases. One is fine, but the second bookcase is not completely white and on the top shelf it is just plain particle board.

Sitting side by side, one looks fine but the second shelf will need to be painted to cover the particle board. Unfortunately, once you get the shelf together and notice the particle board showing it is too late to return it because taking it apart and getting a new one is such a hassle, Guess you get what you pay for and $49.99 is what I got. Lesson learned. Now I have to get a can of paint to fix this.

And no, we didn't get the directions messed up and put the board in the wrong place or anything. Frustrating!

Monetary Loss: $49.

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You built it wrong. I can build these things Blind folded.


I'm pretty that the particle-board side is actually supposed to be the bottom shelf, facing the floor.

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