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I have been shopping at Ikea for abt 8 years now. truth be told, every time I assembled an ikea product I ended up not liking it for various reasons. But I never returned any product just 'cos I was too lazy to re-package and return (most of their furniture ends up becoming pretty bulky after assembly).

But here's what happened recently-- I purchased 2 bar stools. After assembling them at home I found that they looked really cheap and unsturdy. They looked so bad that for a change I decided to fight my laziness and return the lousy stools . Being somewhat of a perfectionist I re-packaged them neatly (very neatly in fact). I expected no issues in returning this product. But to my utter disbelief this return turned out to be a shocker. The Ikea agent's first question itself kind of gave me a clue that this company does not know a thing about customer service. The agent asked me "so sir, why are you returning this product?". I have never been asked that question at any retail store in my last 10 years in USA. Anywayz, I told him the reason and he went on to open the package to see if all the content was inside and if there was any damage. fair enuff, I waited till he finished. To my utter shock he tells me "sorry sir I cant take this back. You have assembled and unassembled this and we have a policy that we dont accept returns on assembled products. Plus there are a few scratches on the bar stool". despite being shocked at that response, I tried to politely reason with him but he just insisted that it was store policy and he can do nuthing to help me. in shock and disappointment I just walked away promising myself that I will NEVER EVER return to an IKEA store again.

later on -- I met with the store manager who agreed to give me store credit (it was like a favor). too late Ikea had already lost me. I will never purchase, recommend or use an ikea product again

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How do you think the next person would feel? Would you want to buy something that's been assembled & unassembled??

you want Ikea to accept a loss because you think it looks cheap & shoddy? You should've came to that determination in the store,before you purchased it.

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