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We just bought over a $1000 worth of goods to furnish select items in our apartment.

There was a shoe cabinet on in a lacquer high gloss finish on display. When trying to get it on the stock floor, the color was not there. We asked one of the staff and he looked it up to say it was there. To prove it, he even showed us the picture and where it was.

After receiving the shoe cabinet from our delivery, we found that they gave us a 'matte' finish. It was not what was requested.

Calling IKEA immediately, we were sent through a maze of customer service reps who said that we were at fault and had to return it ourselves or pay a $100 fee for a $70 product.

For those from NYC with no car, you can see the dilemma that we were in.

We escalated the call and reached the voice mail of Carolyn who was the Escalation Manager. She never returned our call after calling in 3 times.

Days later someone else calls and says that we need to first have a case number and someone will return the call within 48 hours.

3 days later a person by the name of 'John' (ID or EXT 1745 / he refused to give his employee number or last name) calls in from Fact Resolution Department. We explain that we chose our item based on what we saw on the floor and what the IKEA employee showed us on his computer and on the stock floor.

During the whole conversation he used words like 'assuming you were right', 'if it was actually on the floor' and continued to try and twist words throughout the whole conversation. He then said that he would send the complaint to the store where we were on the first call.

Obviously more than agry by his loaded question and insinuative fact finding, he then ended it with 'IKEA is right. We are not at fault'.

Is John's job not supposed to 'gather facts' instead of come to conclusions??

I told him that we have recorded (meaning there was a witness) everything he said. He then panicked, rambled about legalities and hung up on us.

We are now reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Nothing has been resolved.

In order to get their attention, I ask each of you to please blog this.

We escalate and wait, only to get blamed and hung up on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cabinet.

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I just emailed all the top people in the company. Found it online.

Apparently all you need is their first name (dot) last name, followed by ''

This is who I just emailed -;;;;;;

Maybe it's good to drop them a line since no one down below helps. I am sure that Senior Management would carry better corporate and customer etiquette


I was a new Ikea customer, but after not being able to exchange an extra item (older than 45 days) and the inability to reach a customer service person, I have decided not to shop this company ever again. The designs are neat but the customer service is terrible.

I was planning redo my kitchen with Ikea cabinets, well forget that.

Do they realize that when the customer takes back an item, usually buys more? I guess not.

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