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Back in 2005, my husband and I bought our first house. We live on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state, and decided to travel to the Ikea in Renton. We purchased several thousand $'s worth of products including: bed frames, dressers, night stands, a computer desk, a mattress, several kitchen items, and the worst of the worst an Ektorp sectional sofa.

We liked the design of the sofa (the "L" shape fit our living room perfectly), as well as the fact that this sofa has removeable, washable covers. My husband and I believed this was perfect for our young family (at the time our son was 3 and our daughter was soon to be born). We now have 3 children ages 10, 6 and 4.

Rewind back to 2005, we paid to have all this merchadise delivered, had an Ikea building party and from the get go noticed issues with the quality of these Ikea products. There were missing parts, several screw holes were misaligned, or completely missing. Once put together, we have experienced the drawers falling out constanly, the computer desk door (left side only) falls off on a weekly basis (due to misaligned screw hole placement), etc...but the worst of the worst is this Ektorp sectional sofa.

We purchased in Feb 2005, by October that year the sofa broke. The wooden support (if you can call it a support..LOL) underneath broke in half. Upon contacting them, sending in pictures and faxing the reciept, Ikea delivered a new Ektorp sofa free of charge.

Then in July of 2006 the same thing happened, this time on the other side of the sofa. The wooden support underneath broke again! Mind you there are no 400lb people in our family and we do not abuse our belongings. We attribute this to poor quality materials/ or design. Again they delivered us a new sofa.

Within the year (our third and current) Ektorp broke! By this time we had had enough, we were fed up with dealing with Ikea, so my husband did his best to make this thing useable. After all why would we want another replacement if this thing has not been redesigned to solve this issue!

Well this past week the wooden support completely gave and now we have our third broken Ektorp sofa! Upon contacting the store I was told i would need to present my reciept (in store)as my proof of warranty as this thing is warranteed for 10 years. I keep my reciepts for quite some time... but 7 years?!? Give me a break. I told the lady at customer service i didnt think producing a reciept was neccesary as we still live in the same house, same people/names, which would prove we are the original owners. Besides the fact, I made it clear to her this wasn't the first broken sofa and somewhere in their records they should have a file on us.

Low and behold, upon her searching their computer files, she not only found our past complaints/replacements, she also had a copy of our original reciept! So i was told i would recieve a call from the Resolution Dept within the next 48 hours. That was on friday April 27th 2012. I got a call back on tuesday May 1st, the message stating, "we have a replacement sofa for you, however you will either need to return the old one and pick up the replacement in store, OR pay out of pocket to have it delivered".

This is completely unacceptable, the last 2 replacements were delivered free of charge (we live a ferry ride and 2 hour drive from Renton). I also asked for some sort of confirmation that this sofa has been redesigned, which it has been twice, however they could not tell me specifically WHAT had been redesigned!

Why the heck would i want another replacement if down the road this happens again! So now i am waiting to hear from a supervisor at the resolution dept, because what they are offering is unacceptable!

DO NOT BUY IKEA PRODUCTS!! THEY ARE FOR THE MOST PART JUNK! The only product we have not had issues with and really are happy with is the matress we purchased for our son. Other than that, we have had problems with the quality of every other product we purchased.

So to make this right, i would ideally like to have confirmation that this design issue has been fixed, a new sofa delivered free of charge, and a new set of slip covers would be a nice gesture.

On a side note, the sofa also has a sharp piece of wood, cut on the diagonal, protruding up through the foam and fabric of the right side arm rest. This in my opinion, is very dangerous and more proof of faulty workmanship.

I was also informed by my "customer service specialist" that this Ektorp line is very popular, and she has never heard of anyone having this problem (multiple broken sofas). What the ***! Has she been working for Ikea for a few weeks? My research through the internet has uncovered MANY unsatisfied customers who have purchased this shoddy Ektorp sofa!

MY ADVICE TO ANYONE THINKING OF SAVING A FEW BUCKS, AND PURCHASING IKEA FURNITURE: "Don't do it... you may as well be shopping at ***-Mart!"

Review about: Ikea Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #606679

I have been researching the ikea ektorp and have decided to buy it. If the worst review online involves having the sofa replaced twice for free...well...that is exceptional service:)

My husband and I are normal sized people who treat our home with respect, so this review helped cement our decision to go with ikea :)


San Francisco, California, United States #592993

Is it just me or does this review really makes me want to buy a sofa from Ikea? THREE new totally replaced for FREE sofas in SEVEN years?

After reading the Ashley furniture horror reviews this makes Ikea seem like it has amazing customer service and stands behind it's product.

I have been thinking about buying an Ikea sofa but have never bought from them before. I'm very impressed that they went to such lengths for customer service on a sofa that is really not that expensive. AND STILL offer a free replacement after 7 years-just asking that this time it be picked up.

WOW! I think I will be an Ikea customer.

Billerica, Massachusetts, United States #566842

"Horrible customer service?" C'mon now. I understand you're unhappy with your purchase which is fine, but they replaced the item TWICE free of charge, and the third time gave you a little bit of a runaround. Considering I know people who have had these sofas for years without a single problem other than stains, I question your claim that you're not "hard" on them, and I certainly question your criteria of "horrible customer service." Sounds to me like a case of horrible customer.

to Bob Silverdale, Washington, United States #574169

So because you know people with this sofa means what?? Not only have we had problems with the sofa, but also the night stands, computer desk, and the dressers.

All are what i would consider disposable furniture. ***, and this sofa is no different, made from cheap materials, poorly constructed. Never again will i be purchasing Ikea products.

Seems to me you are not in my shoes, nor out the $ spent on this item. I do know, after talking to customer service there were/are design issues with this sofa, and until you have been there, and dealt with this, your opinion means very little.


Did you have to reassemble the sofa from scratch every time?

to Brenda Silverdale, Washington, United States #574155

The sofa comes assembled for the most part, the 3 pieces connect together and the cover must be put on the sofa frame and cushions, thats about it.


Que casa me1s chula teneis!!!!!!A ver, que no he visto la hcaatibif3n de invitados.. ja,ja.

En breve le enviamos el nuevo mono a Matilda, pero es que tenemos un jaleo, Alex ha cogido bronquitis y afan no ha acabado de curarse y coge gastroenteritis. Y eso que no va a la guardereda afan!!En fin, una casa genial!Muchos muchos besos a todos.(En especial a mi nif1a)

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