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A Hopen-style double bed was purchased in May 2006, and in March 2007 the composite board that connects the headboard to the footboard separated, as if it were a piece of cake. The separation is a result of a manufacturing defect in the production of the board.

The receipt was discarded in September 2006 however the credit card statement confirms the sale took place in May. One does not expect a defective board; there should be no moving parts, unlike in the instant case.

IKEA will not replace the board until one becomes available as a result of another customer (presumably with a receipt) needing the board for a Hopen double bed. Each bed The customer service manager at the Montreal IKEA store will not provide a replacement board for me, even though it is clearly an IKEA product. There are no other providers of these boards. There was no way that an inspection of the goods would have revealed the inherent weakness in the board.

The lack of customer service in this instance is mind boggling. I would like to start legal action against IKEA for failure to provide a bed where one was purchased. Are there others in the same predicament with IKEA?

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People need to stop being ignorant and uninformed about quality and craftsmanship, especially regarding the horrible over-priced junk sold by IKEA. You are better off to go to Craigslist and get a very nice hardwood piece of furniture made years ago by people who cared.

You can get excellent pieces for very good prices.

I have beautiful furniture made during the American Civil War period and some of the chairs are such nice quality, you can hardly lift them. Use your heads and quit buying lousy junk at IKEA.

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