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I was at the IKEA store in New Haven, CT today to shop for a crib. We chose a particular model (SOMNAT) and noted down the aisle and bin number after consulting the customer representatives. We also picked up the crib bedding and some other nursery related items and then went down to pick up the crib from the designated area downstairs. On reaching the warehouse, we did not find the product. On further inquiry, we came to know the crib was out of stock.

We were surprised to find that:

1.The customer representatives/managers in the display area had no clue as to the availability of the product.

2. The store representatives were ill-informed about the products on display.

After spending over 3 hours looking for the perfect crib (because nobody could tell us for sure if the cribs on display complied with the latest safety regulations), we left the store empty-handed. Of course, we had to leave behind all the matching accessories we got for the nursery as well.

We drove over an hour to get the stuff, but after today's harrowing experience, I don't think I want to shop at IKEA ever again.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Well lets put it this way after the last experience I had buying a bed from them I don't think that I will coming back. There customer service sucks!

the whole process there is very slow and honestly they need to really update there policies and get with the program.

I would not recommend anyone to shop there for a big purchase. that place is a zoo


I used to work for IKEA in Colorado. IKEA only wants your money.

The products are very poor quality. When I worked there they pulled all of cribs for safety issues.


I totally understand! I bought my entire house and the delivery people missed 12 items.

I called, complained, emailed, and nothing.

These people have the worst customer service ever! And they don't care!


The Cribs are not in current crib Regulations issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as of June 28th, 2011. They will be back in stock around October, November.

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