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Going to Ikea is a horrible experience. It's busy, overcrowded and filled with overpriced products that fall apart.

My two experiences with Ikea have been abysmal.

A bought a sofa which decided to fall apart within the first few months of use. Next time I went I purchased a mirror for my daughter that was impossible to put together let alone read the poorly written instructions.

The prices of the products initially seem ok, but once you purchase you will realise just how bad the quality of the items are. I have been disappointed with their stores, customer service and products and I will not be visiting Ikea again any time soon.

Review about: Ikea Sofa.

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Ikea is run by idiots these days. 30 years ago it was great.

Now the inmates have taken over. REALLY BAD STUFF.


actually the mirror came in three parts and was very complicated, so yes it did need instructions.


How hard is it to mount a mirror. I never heard of mirrors with instructions.

Did you mean a mirror door? ***!

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