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Avoid Portland IKEA's kitchen measure, design and install services rendered by their "independent contractors" CIS aka The Kitchen Helpers (company out of Eatonville, Wa). Simple measure/design was in error and company does not stand behind their services.

Customer service offered by owner was insulting and unprofessional. Stay away from this amateurish company as they cannot render a simple measure or design that will be successful for your kitchen purchase.

Avoid a kitchen nightmare and go to Angie's List to find a reputable and professional company for your project. Also, buyer beware as IKEA will not be responsible for any complaints or errors caused by this company.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #933868

This business is unethical. Lost the check I wrote them.

Denied even being at my house to pick it up when I met the owner and saw the check in her hand.

Poor communication and customer service. What a headache.

Portland, Oregon, United States #567226

TO all the negative nancy who said the kitchen helpers not good or wouldn't recommend them. First of all, You need to stop being mad at the world and everything around you. Next time make sure you have a better idea of what you want your kitchen to look like before rushing into the decision of buying a kitchen and getting it installed and not liking the kitchen you decided on a week later.

The Kitchen Helpers did an amazing job with my kitchen... it took me and my wife two month to finally decide on the kitchen we want.

For the future kitchen buyers, make sure you take at least a month before finally settling on the kitchen you want.

Thank you Jen Berry and the Kitchen Helpers for an Amazing service.


Our experience with Kitchen Helpers (August 2011) was excellent. They were dealing with a backlog of people like us who had taken advantage of an IKEA sale.

Calls eventually got returned, and the installation was thorough, neat and the installers were kind and thoughtful.

Total Kitchen install was about $1500 for us, and it was worth every penny. Exercise some patience and it will pay off - Silverton, OR

to Silverton, OR Portland, Oregon, United States #781077

Did you have someone else besides the kitchen helpers do the electrical, plumbing, deconstruction, etc? I have found much cheaper electricians and demo-ers, but as you said, the install is about $1600. please let me know.



We offer free estimates and designs using IKEA cabinets and custom made peices. We will come to your house to measure and talk to you about what you need and want out of your kitchen/bathroom. We will give you a free design and allowances sheet. The first design will probably not be perfect, but we can and will redesign your kitchen until you are completely satisfied. The allowance sheet is comprised of line items (demo, cabinets, countertops, sink, faucets, plumbing, electric & more). Each line item is there so you can understand the cost and everything that is involved in your remodel. We are not affiliated with IKEA, but feel free to ask them about us and our reputation.

John Webb Construction & Design is a full service general contractor. That means we will handle and coordinate your entire project. We stand behind our work and our integrity is an integral part of how we operate our business.

Take A look at our website to see some of our before and after pictures of recent IKEA kitchen remodels.

We have construction and design teams in Portland & Eugene Oregon. We also work in Washington.

There is no obligation with our free estimates & designs.


I too had an excellent experience with Kitchen Helpers. They were knowledgeable, conscientious, respectful of our ideas and time and delivered the kitchen we wanted on-time and under budget.

They offer a turnkey solution that really simplifies an otherwise very complicated undertaking.

They spent considerable time with us on the phone and in person, and went the extra mile to understand and meet our needs. I would highly recommend Kitchen Helpers.


I had a very good experience with the IKEA Kitchen installers, I worked with Barry Williams, he was very helpful in setting up a plan for us and met us a number of times at IKEA to give us additional support. The cabinets were installed on time and we are very happy with the quality and workmanship.

After the installation, one cabinet was a little lose, we called the Kitchen Helpers, and they came that day and made the needed adjustments. I highly recommend the Kitchen Helpers and the IKEA kitchen cabinets.


I would like to clarify the services offered by our company and address the complaint above.....

The Measure Service (a $75 fee) is provided to measure wall length and height, plumbing and electrical location and to give the customer accurate dimensions so they may begin working on their kitchen design in the IKEA Home Planner. It is paid to IKEA and reimbursed once the customer has paid for their kitchen.

We measured "Disgrunted IKEA Customers" kitchen and she decided she wanted to use our design service. This fee is paid directly to us and the cost is $249. After working with her designer, she stated that she was happy with her design and went to IKEA to place her order and make her purchase. While at IKEA and working with a coworker it was brought to her attention that some glass doors she really desired WOULD fit into her layout. Her designer, here at The Kitchen Helpers, had told her they wouldn't fit so her design that we helped her with had regular doors with out glass. The co worker and the customer made some changes to the design that we completed for her and that evening, the coworker emailed me and to let me know what had happened. The following morning, I called the customer to speak with her about her experience with our company. I told her that I would refund her $249 since she ended up changing the design. She stated that she still wasn't quite happy with the layout that she and the coworker had come up with and she and I brainstormed a bit about her design. I made a few changes based on our conversation and I emailed it to her. She appreciated that fact that I had called her about her experience and asked if she could get an estimate for installation. She also asked if I would give her a discount on our services. I told her that I would consider giving her a discount. She mentioned not feeling confidant in the measurements we provided so I also told her I would send someone over to verify all the dimensions that we took. I sent the other owner of the company to do just that and all measurements that we took were accurate.

A few days after I sent and estimate to her, she replied and said that she could not believe I did not offer a deeper discount and she would have to decline our services.

At this point, I responded that her check for her design was in the mail and wished her luck on her project.

On the following Saturday evening, I received an Urgent email from "disgrunted". She demanded that I send over all measurements with LxWxD and a copy of her design with FINAL DESIGN stamped on it. I was a little confused as she did not have a completed design the last time I spoke with her and since I was no longer her designer and/or contractor I did not understand exactly what she wanted from me. Below is my email response:

The measure service is provided so that you will have dimensions to plan your kitchen in the IKEA home planner. We locate all current plumbing, electrical, etc. Barry scanned a copy for you and sent it via email.

As for the design service, you decided that you were unhappy with our service. You and an IKEA coworker redesigned your kitchen which you have access if you retrieve it from the IKEA server through the Home Planner. Username: xxx@xxxxxxx.xxx Password: xxxxxxxx.

The changes that I made were merely a suggestion and the layout that I scanned in for you was a favor because you indicated that you were interested in using our services. Because we are not your contractor and no longer your designer, you will need to work with your current installer to determine placement of cabinets, electrical, appliances, etc.

Since we have refunded your design fee and you have redesigned your kitchen with the IKEA coworker, we are no longer liable for your design.

My overall impression with "disgrunted" is that she really did not understand what the Measure Service and Design Service really entailed. She was in a very big hurry to work through her design and she didn't know what she was doing when it came to remodeling her kitchen. I tried to give her the best customer service experience I could under the circumstances and I just could not make her happy. In the end, we just weren't meant to be her contractor.

As far as not calling someone back for a week and being rude.....I doubt it is a legitimate response.

Jen Berry

The Kitchen Helpers


I would have to say that I wouldn't know how their services are because They returned my called a week after I placed it at which point I had allready had my kitchen installed. Their office person Jen was very rude. I would not reccomend their services./


This company just finished my new IKEA kitchen installation and my experience was completely opposite of what your complaint describes above. They were efficient and helpful with tough decisions I didn't even consider while designing my kitchen. I would advise anyone to disregard this hateful and misleading review.

to PDXJonny Portland, Oregon, United States #799517

If your looking for the best pricing on a Ikea kitchen install, call Todd at 503 828-6765 I have installed hundreds of Ikea kitchens and will do them for 30% less in cost than The Kitchen Helpers. I am a licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor in Portland with 35 years in the business. I look forward to hearing from you.

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