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am so discusted with the service I have received regarding faulty goods! this complaint has now been goiong on since the 15 February.

we bought a tap paid for installation and it is faulty.

We came in to Wembley and they told us to phone and get a replacment as there is a 10 year guarantee!

I could not get through as you are constantly busy and have to hold for 10 -15 minutes each time!

I emailed and someone asked me to send copy of receipts of purchase which I did in 5 minutes and a replacement tap would be sent out.

I then received a phone call a few days...... later asking what the problem is as maybe you could send me out a part.

I explained this was NOT acceptable as this has been going on too long and I was on the understanding a replacement was going to be sent. They said they would send me one out immediately. apologised yet again and said compensation woudl also be arranged.

I was promised I would hear from the courier at the beginnning of the this week when it would be delivered - I have heard nothing from them. i have tried and finally got through to cutomer services again today and spoke to a Manager Steve who promised it was being delivered and would be with me NO later than 6pm this evening. Now it 1824 and still not here! I have just spoken again to customers who have just informed me that they can deliever up to 9 pm???????????/

I was also informed you would write to confirm compensation and nothing!

When I phoned through on several occaisions you have got my wrong details to contact me on and I have to check every time!!!

Not once have I had a genuine apology for the inconvenience this has caused me. This has been a painful process to say the least and has cost me more on calling your number regularly. in the long run this have been cheaper for me to have bought a new tap with the amount of my time and calling finding out what is going on.

Where the tap has dripped this has now also buckled the shelf in the cupboard - very dissatisfied and unhappy customer

Still Not resolved.............................

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Installation.

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