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They have these plastic cutting boards that they advertise to be bendable, so that you can bend it and easily pour your chopped, juliened, whatever-ed food into the bowl. Well, you probably want to chop it with your fingernails because if you use a regular knife, little shavings of plastic come off and go right into your food! What a health hazard!!! I mean, we are all worried about the small plastic molecules that come off of plastic water... Read more

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Please don't buy the Sundvik Crib from IKEA - SUNDVIK crib review I LOVE(D) IKEA. But now I am having serious doubts. We purchased the Sundvik Crib last year, and our youngest had been using the crib for less than 11 months when I noticed a huge defect- the bottom was bowing in the middle, quite significantly. You should not be able to see the bottom board that the mattress sits on, but there it is, drooping down about 1/2 to 3/4 inches past... Read more

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I purchased some lights at Ikea USA for about $50.00. I took care to save the receipt and the original package and all the contents. About 10 days after I purchased the light I attempted to return it at the Sunrise Florida store. I was told by the girl at the return counter that I could not return it because I had opened the package. Immediately I asked to speak to a manager and Kate Murphy the return counter manager came out to talk with me. I... Read more

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Several couple of months ago, we purchased $5,000+ in IKEA Furniture for a new business. We generally like the quality and finish of the furniture. They did a great job of picking the items and delivering them to our business location. A hand-full of pieces we purchased used a 3 number combination lock which we bought purposely to provide modest protection of some documentation. That said, we were never able to get the locks to work and in... Read more

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In November 2007 i approached Ikea about getting a kitchen done and they gave me a phone number to book it in. A guy came out, which I found out that day that it was a contracted ccompany Ikea uses but its not Ikea, a company called AUSSEMBLE'. They took my money for the measure and quote and never gave me the plan that I paid for. After 100s of phone calls to Aussemble and Ikea no one has helped me, Ikea wash their hands and said it has... Read more

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This is the first time that I've ever written a customer review about anything. My experience with Ikea was comically terrible and I felt that writing a review highlighting my experience would give me a small sliver of recourse and hopefully save someone else from the exceptional levels of frustration that can go along with shopping at this retailer. I bought a bed from Ikea on a Friday that came in two boxes. When I got home, the materials in... Read more

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IKEA Kullen Wardrobe NOT worth the money and no solution provided by the Co. for poor manf.
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I purchased an IKEA Kullen Wardrobe a few weeks ago and I am still having problems. I wanted to give a disclosure for anyone who is thinking about purchasing the wardrobe. My goal is to dissuade you, and if I am not convincing, then to give you enough information so that you know what you are getting into. Here's a list of things IKEA *does not* tell you before you buy that may change your mind about your purchase: 1. You need a drill to put... Read more

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I will not return to Ikea. Employees are rude and not helpful. The store makes you trudge for miles to use the restromm. When I made a small complaint about noone helping me I was told, "The week-ends are busy." They are not too busy to take my money, are they? It was the type of rotten attitudes that you receive in France. I had 2 full baskets w/large items and they told me I could look around the parking lot to get help loading my car!!... Read more

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I recently moved to America from London and all I wanted was to have a bed to rest my head. I bought a Brimnes bed frame which had drawers included as I thought that would be useful for me as sotrage space is tight in the new apartment. Little did I know the bed frame was impossible to set up, the screws do not fit in the correct holes, the wood is such poor quality that even if the nail did get it in would not stay, the drawers do not fit... Read more

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I ordered a bed on Feb. 27 online which they said they could not arrange delivery until after March 6. They said they would call on March 6 to arrange a delivery date, which would cost $120.00 in addition to the bed. I placed the order. On March 3, I phoned to cancel the delivery of the bed as I went to the store and purchased one in person. They refused to refund my money without an "investigation". They subsequently refused to... Read more

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