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I'm writing to relate my recent experience at IKEA East at 1000 Center Dr, Elizabeth, NJ. On 05/15/2010, I purchased $681.90 worth of items. I was redoing my living room and needed a TV stand. I also bought a center table at the "as is section" which I was not aware I was not able to return or exchange the item.

When I returned to the store three days later, on 05/18.2010, on rainy day after work, the customer service area was empty and the representative quickly called me over and I gave her "Natasha" my recite and started to explain to her that the quality of the stand was poor and it did not look the way I wanted, I also had two bookshelves that I did not even attempt to assemble (thank god) at this point she sees a guy standing behind me and interrupts me to ask him what he needs. It seemed Natasha felt that now he can wait so she can tell me the I could not return "as is items" I quickly ask if I could speak to a manager because I spent so much and maybe the can issue me credit. I had to ask Natasha 5 times for a manager because she was too busy telling the other customer about my business about my return. She commented that they "IKEA employee cant even return "as is items" and made some facial remarks as she called the manager "Virginia" she reiterated what she told me and said "I told her she cant return it!"

Finally, the manger comes over as I am standing there soaked and embarrassed by the clerk "Natasha" and her major attitude! (Horrible attitude the worse). Virginia approached Natasha and she tells her there she is, I was very cordial with Virginia and say hello I said to her I came three days ago and I bought these items I did not k now the "as is" items are not returnable then she cuts me off and says "oh" really its on the walls and did you read the return policy which I did and did not notice that. As I am still keeping my cool Virginia simply walks away as I am talking to her. I called her out on it! I was so upset!! I understand that IKEA's return policy and all store policies but that is not an excuse for POOR customer service at this point I was cold, wet, embarrassed, stock with over $200. of merchandize I did not want and the least IKEA could have done was listen to me instead of walking away, I work extremely hard for my money. I am a hard worker and I would never treat people the way I was treated there!!!

I am writing this with the hope that someone in cooperate takes the time and runs an undercover "surprise shopper" as I am sure this is a common practice of the IKEA customer service. I don't know if me being a (female, small Hispanic) had anything to do with it, but I know I was in a suit, respectful and had a recite. All I can say is I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

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IKEA does do mystery shops. So that fact that you bring up your gender and race = fail.

Get with the program. It's the 21st century.

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